Image2I am really picky, will I find a dress I like at FORMALS by Beautiful Brides? Definitely!  It’s great to look through magazines to get an idea of what you like and don’t like.  BUT, we strongly suggest you come in with an open mind.  We can’t tell you how many times we hear, “I would have never picked this out but I LOVE it!”.

What sizes do you carry? No matter what size you are, we have dresses for you to try on IN STOCK!  Our gowns range from sizes 0 – 30W.

What kind of styles do you carry? If you can imagine it, chances are we have it!  From long, fitted, shiny, ruffles, halter, classic, floral, princess, retro, sassy, romantic, corsets, short n’ sassy, wild, poufy, chic, and everything in between. . .

If I tell you what I’m looking for, can you help me find it? Absolutely!  Our fashion stylists have extensive knowledge in dress shapes and styles.  We love helping you find the perfect gown!

I’ve heard about stores that “register” dresses.  What does that mean? Many stores that do not carry much inventory “register” prom dresses.  They must do this because they offer far fewer dresses and therefore have to keep track of who’s wearing what.  At FORMALS by Beautiful Brides, we have HUNDREDS of prom gowns and each one is different.  We do not order two of the same dress in the same color.  So, you do not have to worry about falling in love with a gown only to learn that it was already sold in the same color to someone else at your school and now you can’t have it.

Who should I bring with me when I shop? As mentioned above, we do not carry the same dresses in the same colors.  So when a dress is sold, it’s GONE!  No More!  What does this have to do with who you bring shopping?  Everything!  Let’s say you come in alone or with your friends and you fall head over heels in love with a dress.  Not just A dress, YOUR dress!  But, Mom or Dad or Grandma or whomever is helping you pay for it is not with you.  So, you leave the store and go home to tell them all about how you found the perfect dress.  It may be a couple of hours, or even a day or two before your guardian can come see the gown.  Meanwhile another girl comes in and tries on the same dress, YOUR dress!  But, she’s prepared and shopping with her guardian.  Of course she’s going to buy it!  Why not, it’s gorgeous!  What happens next?  You come back in to buy your fave only to find out someone else beat you to it.  Moral of the story – be sure to shop with the dress decision maker!  Don’t let this happen to you…

What’s the advantage of shopping with FORMALS by Beautiful Brides as opposed to stores that order dresses? We have hundreds of dresses in stock to make your life easier!  Who wants to take the chance ordering a dress that either you’ve never tried on or saw the color in person – wait 10 weeks for it to arrive, try it on and find out you HATE it?!?  Now what?  Our huge selection allows you to try the exact dress on and take it home with you that same day.  No worries or stress involved!

Do you have accessories? Tons!  FORMALS by Beautiful Brides carries more jewelry than you could  ever imagine.  From chic chandelier earrings, sassy cuff bracelets, dramatic necklaces, sparkly hair pins, bold rings, dazzling tiaras, elegant gloves, fun hand bags, we have it all.  No matter what color dress you pick, we have the perfect finishing touches.